Honeymoon Phase

Whew… it has been a week that I’m here in Netherlands.

Thank God so far i have never experienced any homesickness, nightmares, insomnia or any kind of complicated feelings…  I’m not that excited or happy for the reason of being here, but I’m not sad either.

People say that we are still in the honeymoon phase. That’s one of the stages that people go through in dealing with the culture shock. In this phase, the expat is still happy, feeling like a tourist and not homesick yet. I don’t know why people kept saying, “you are not homesick yet.” Like guaranteeing that one day I definitely will be homesick. Really?

Huh, I don’t care. The bottom line is right now I am okay. And I always will be.


One thought on “Honeymoon Phase

  1. Pulsy!!! malah bagus kalo nda ngalamin perasaan yang nda enak dan instead tenang2 aja… bisa aja ini delayed reaction, bisa juga proses adaptasimu memang cepat or cara pandangmu untuk perubahan ini nggak seperti yang lain so that you’re not suffer any homesickness at all… ingat aja tiap orang reaksinya beda2, dan kalaupun nantinya kau akan mengalaminya, tenang aja puls, itu sangatlah normal. Kalau kau tidak mengalaminya, itu juga normal… santai aja seperti caramu menyikapi semuanya saat ini (good on you, de!)
    btw perhaps this is because you’re still IJOLUMUT, jadi nda ada yang mengikat hatimu, hua ha ha….
    Cio yo, my independent woman !

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