Being alone

One of the things that I love about being in Holland is that I can be alone and have my own space.

I realized that in Indonesia, I was always surrounded by other people. And Indonesian can be too social sometimes, that people always reach out to you (and you are expected to do the same).

But here, I have plenty of opportunity to be by myself.

Walking home from campus through the small woods,

Listening to the local radio (I wish I speak Dutch),

Sitting by the canals and reading a poetry book written by ISS fellow,

Enjoying my morning coffee beside my window…

Being alone is not that bad at all. I think people often has a negative image toward a loner. But people need time for themselves where no one can bother them. A time to recharge.

I’m glad I have that space, here in Holland. It’s an irony because Holland is so small, and people can get bumped into each other easily. Probably that’s how they learn to really respect other people’s space.



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