Hang in there

In Jakarta now. This morning it was harder to say goodbye.

16 months seems to be a really long time. Well, the longest time that I’ve been away was only 6 months, when I did my internship in Bandung. It was only a year ago.

I remember, in the beginning it was challenging to adjust to the rhythm of life in Bandung. Bandung is not as big as Jakarta, but still it is big compared to my hometown Manado. I use public transportation and I had to transfer 3 times in order to get to the office. Wake up really early, running to catch the bus, trying to find a spot in those crowded buses, etc. But now I remember all those with a smile on my face. My internship time in Bandung was really a nice experience for me. My dad was right, he said that there are things that are challenging for us to do. But when we have overcome those challenges, we will remember them with a smile.

I hope that this journey, no matter how hard, can be remembered one day with the same smile. I cross my fingers as I listen to SO7 sings,

“Bisa bertahankah kau disana?
Bisa bertahankah sayang?
Coba bertahanlah kau disana…
Coba bertahanlah sayang…”


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