Letting go…

Within the next few hours I will leave my hometown, the place where I live for about 22 years.

I’ve packed my bags. I can’t remember how many times I pack-unpack-and repack. I have to unload a few stuffs because it’s overweight, but then I added some more of other stuffs. It gets overweight again so I have to re-unpack, on and on. Everything seems so important and I just have to pack it.

Tomorrow, once again GA 605 will fly me to Jakarta. Some friends sent me a message on Friendster, called, and some of my old friends came here yesterday night. When I said ‘old friends’, they are really old friends. They’re my friends since kindergarten! We stay friends although we went to different schools, one even went to a college in Yogya. Now she has returned, and it is my turn to leave. Hmm… now I get a little sad to leave them.

Fortunately I managed not to dwell on those feelings for too long (otherwise tomorrow I might not go, hehe…). When I open my email, I found the messages from the Indonesian who are currently studying in ISS. They are very welcoming. There’s even one email from Maureen who said that she will give me a rice cooker! We haven’t even met! There’s also a message from ci Melan saying that she has a lot of Manadonese food, and she’ll cook them for me. Oh… thank you God. I know that I won’t be that lonely there.

I’ll definitely miss my parents, my dogs Meo, Echel, Jessica and Kyla. Kyla is still a puppy, she is so cute. I’ll miss the hours and hours of conversation in our dinner table with my mom. I’ll miss my dad’s strong massage, my stress reliever. But I’m happy that I have all these things that I’ll miss. I know someday I’ll be back to its warmth again. That’s the beauty of having a place called ‘home’…..

So come what may.


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