“Indovers”, Voice of Indonesian Youth Nationalism

Project Pop is a youth music group from Bandung, known for their creativity and comedy. Last year in 2004 they released a new Album (Pop Circus), and in this album they have an interesting song titled “Indovers.”

I’m not exactly sure about what ‘Indovers’ mean, probably a slang version of ‘Indonesian?’ But anyway, this song is about Indonesian who live overseas as expats and miss their home country Indonesia (it’s not specifically explained whether they’re living abroad as students, professionals, domestic workers perhaps?).

I can easily relate to the song, especially soon I’ll be leaving this country. Like them, I may also miss eating rice with sambal terasi and watching gossips on TV (hmm… probably not the last one, hehe..).

This song also represents the contemporary youth view on nationalism. Here’s a loose translation for a part of the song (note: “you” refers to Indonesia as a country.)

“Wherever I go,
my heart stays with you
Missing the warmth of being with you

Nothing is more beautiful than you
(You) bring lots of beautiful memories 
May Indonesia always be peaceful and prosperous

My fellow countrymen,
Here we will be proud if we can wave our red and white flag into the sky
It won’t merely be the usual flag ceremony
But it will represent our pride as the children of the nation
That’s my flag; red is my blood and white is my bone.”

What’s interesting about this is that although the lyric sounds patriotic, most part of the song is delivered as a rap. Hip hop culture is also the culture of Indonesian youth, and in this song they “borrowed” this culture to express their nationalism. Interesting, huh? 🙂

My update note, July 2007:

I found a clip of this song on Youtube. In the opening it says that the song is based on Rayuan Pulau Kelapa by Ismail Marzuki. Ismail Marzuki is an Indonesian composer who wrote lots of Indonesian patriotic songs during the independence era. Yet in addition to the rap, in the clip one of the singers (Yosi) was wearing New Jersey’s Nets costume. I have no problem with it, I’m just showing that this song is popular and acceptable to Indonesian youth because it talks about nationalism in a packaging that is familiar to them, although it is not originally Indonesian.


One thought on ““Indovers”, Voice of Indonesian Youth Nationalism

  1. I miss project pop… jadi penasaran sama album barunya yang sampe sekarang belum aku dengar. Anyway, liriknya sangat mewakili perasaan kita, don’t you think? Gue banget gitu lho…
    Ada nama aku lagi, hehehe

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