It’s a Small World After All

Today, I’m flying back to Manado. I’m happy that at least I will have some more weeks to enjoy my hometown before I have to leave for Holland.

On the plane I sat next to a lady and her husband. She is a Manadonese. After exchanging some stories, she mentioned that she’ll be going to Holland next year. She gave me her contact details and said that she would love to introduce me to Manadonese in Holland. There are so many of them, she said.

Hmm… I dont know that I will actually get the chance to meet her in Holland. But now I realize, that going to Holland can’t be like going to Timbuktu… I mean, there should be a lot of other Indonesian or even Manadonese there. I’m sure that I won’t feel alone.

I remember in her speech ibu Sri Mulyani was saying that we’re not going anywhere… Anytime we miss our family, we can give them a call. We can reach out to other Indonesian. We can even read Indonesian newspaper online.

I have a feeling that I might not feel homesick 🙂


One thought on “It’s a Small World After All

  1. Pingkan itu kakak tingkatku di SMANSA dulu, trus juga temen waktu sama-sama ikut koor remaja di Gereja Kristus. Orangnya funky abis. If I’m not mistaken, her father is a medical doctor. Udah lama kita nggak ketemu, dan nda disangka aku ketemu dia lagi lewat Friendster. Dunia memang sempit 🙂

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