Pre-Departure Briefing

One of the nice things about getting a scholarship is that the scholarship provider will make sure that all of your visa and tickets are arranged. They will also give you all sorts of information to prepare you for the departure, in an event they called the “pre-departure briefing.” Or at least that’s the way they do it now. In her speech, bu Sri Mulyani Indrawati mentioned that when she attended college, the scholarship agency just provided her with the airline tickets and sent her go. Hmm… I’m happy I’m living in 2005 🙂

The thing that I like about this briefing is mostly the opportunity to meet some of the people who will attend ISS as well. Most of their names are familiar for me, as we have been exchanging emails. We talked a bit about our preparations. Budi is going to bring his rice cooker while Kristian is going to bring his sleeping bag (probably that’s because he’s planning to be a backpacker, I don’t think there’s a risk that we will be homeless hehe…).

I also met Chandra, the news anchor at RCTI. She looks even more beautiful than in TV! I’ll be attending the same major with her.

During lunch I had the opportunity to talk with one of the ISS alumni. They were invited by StuNed to provide information for us. She mentioned that I don’t need to worry about the research, because she also found her research topic when she was in Holland already. That’s a good news for me. I’m so concerned that I haven’t gotten any research topic yet.

I’m also happy to learn that StuNed have arranged for us to go to Holland together by the same flight. I don’t know much about these new friends but at least I won’t be doing my first international travel alone.

It seems that things are not as scary as I always imagined. Today went fine. And I have a feeling that this is a nice start for such a nice adventure…


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