Just Keep Swimming!

I’m writing this on my way to Jakarta, flight GA 601.

As the plane ascending I saw the Governor’s Office from my window. That’s the area where I live. And that’s the stadium, that’s the boulevard… that’s the mall. I watched as all of these familiar places became smaller and smaller.

There… I have left my comfortable zone. No turning back!

You know what? Thank God it wasn’t as hard as I always thought it would be! When my mom and dad took me to the airport, I didn’t cry or feel said or afraid. Look at my grinning face at the airport!



But it’s strange though. I was wondering why I can be this calm. Well, I can come up with two possible reasons: one, I’m still excited about my journey and my new adventure, so my usual worries were delayed.

The alternative explanation is, I was able to successfully applied my “Dory Principle!”

Dory is the character of one of my favorite animated movies, Finding Nemo. She met Marlin (Nemo’s father) when Marlin was frantically looking for Nemo. Dory has this short term memory lost and wasn’t sure about what she was planning to do, so she ended up just following Marlin around.

For me, Dory’s character is special because of her forgetfulness. She is able to be happy, cheerful, and at peace even in situation that we would label as “stressful.” How? Because she just doesn’t think!

When Marlin was desperate because they were lost, she can calmly say “Just keep swimming… just keep swimming.” Ah, Dory… u’ve made me learn something here… Sometimes what we need to do is to stop thinking, and just keep swimming! We have worries because of our compulsive thinking. Dory showed that without worrying, she was able to to survive and even helped Marlin to find Nemo.

Yep, it helps to stop thinking. Why should I be worried and sad… eventually, I’ll be home again someday. My hometown will always be there, with all my favorite foods 😀

Thanks Dory, for teaching me to keep swimming.


2 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming!

  1. Ma sista !!!
    Glad to know that you’re Ok and have found a Dory philosophy, ha ha ha.
    I miss you so much and it’s so nice to see your pics, as well as mom and dad pics… I miss you all.
    You look so beautiful and cool… that’s my sista…suit suit…

  2. Hoi… mana itu e-mail… bilang kata mo cerita semua di e-mail… awas nanti aku bilang pa ‘ibu email’ (itu mah gigi atuh ibu d*kan yang terhormat…)

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