Now I Know… How to Bike :)

OK, feel free to laugh. I’m 22 years old but there is this skill that a lot of 5 years old kids can do but I just managed to master not a long time ago: riding a bike!

It’s not that my parents did not try to teach me how to bike when I was small. There’s just this part of me that never sees the importance or the fun of biking. And in my defense, when I was small I have no friends around my neighborhood, so I never felt the peer pressure of knowing how to bike. Not to mention that there’s just no place where I can comfortably (and safely) bike around!

Yet, a few weeks ago I found out that soon I will be going to a land where the population of the people is equal to the population of the bikes. It means that almost every person has at least one bike. And this is the place that has the most reliable bike trails, almost everywhere within the country. This is Holland! I just have to know how to bike for crying out loud!!!

And so, one of my major pre-departure preparation was to learn how to bike. I live around the government offices area, so in the morning I usually sneak in and use their parking lot to learn how to bike. My mom and dad took turns in teaching me, just like they would 15 years ago hehe…. But hey, it turns out that biking is not as hard as I thought! I immediately knew how to bike, I’m not sure how I did it!

Today we have a local holiday because there is this election for the city’s mayor. The sun is out, the sky is blue… it’s a perfect day to go to the Governor’s Office huge parking lot to bike again! My mom and dad went there too, and they told me that I could compete with Lance Armstrong now bwahahahaha…. 😀

Tomorrow I will leave for the pre-departure briefing in Jakarta. Sometimes I just don’t want to go, I’m so comfortable here in my hometown. But I remember when I watched the sunset with uncle Denny. Pointing his finger to the boat at the dock, he said, “That boat is made to sail away… not just to stay there forever.”  

Yes, I should sail away…. Wouldn’t it be great, to have a journey?



2 thoughts on “Now I Know… How to Bike :)

  1. Selamat !!!
    Adikku bisa naik sepeda…yuhu…
    I’m so proud of U
    It’s never too old to learn, eh?
    So, what next…
    learn to ride Harley Davidson?
    U can do it !

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