You’ll Go to Holland, Sis!!!

I’m using a dial up internet connection at home, so it’s frustratingly slow. My sis is in Perth and they’re already in the world where they can use a broadband connection.

I don’t know when that technology is going to arrive to my beloved hometown Manado, so for now I often ask her to check my email for me (yes, that’s how close our relationship is). Who knows… perhaps if I’m lucky I’ll get an email from StuNed, the scholarship that I hope will grant me the chance to study in Holland.

I’ve been waiting anxiously, but I’m also trying not to think too much about it.

And suddenly today I received a text message from my sister. She told me to check my email. And when I open it, there are some important emails along with her email which titled, “You’ll Go To Holland, Sis!!!”


I don’t know what to say. My mind is just filled with the images of things that I have been dreaming of: tulips… windmills… wooden shoes… cheeses…

I’m going to Holland!


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